Our Story

Our founder, Victoria Ndoh has worked in the International Aid sector for over 15 years and as part of her work, she visited a lot of health facilities in remote parts of Nigeria where she noticed that record keeping was a challenge.

While working for UNICEF Nigeria in 2015, she learnt that hundreds of thousands of infants were not completing their routine immunization, with the main reason being that vaccination cards got lost easily and mothers could not remember what vaccines their children had taken. She then had the idea to invent a fashion accessory that would double as a vaccination recorder to help solve this problem.

In 2020, she worked with industrial designers in the United Kingdom and immunization specialists across Africa to design the Vactraca necklace. The necklace was tested in public and private health facilities across Nigeria and 99% of the mothers said they would love to have the necklace as a gift and a tool to help track their children’s vaccination uptake while 100% of the health workers said that the Vactraca necklace would help improve record keeping for routine immunization and increase uptake as mothers would desire to have and keep the beautiful necklace.

In 2020, VACTRACA made it to the semi-finals of the MSDUK Innovations challenge under the health innovations category.

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